San Juan River Kitchen -  Food made for you
Responsible Foods
Over the years I have search throughout our region to bring you the freshest food I can find. It boils down to this folks, The restaurant has its own garden producing some of the food we plate with. Buying our meats from ranchers that use never never programs. supporting local and sustainable business.  This is not to say we do not buy things from far far away, because we do. 

Homemade ice cream is made daily by our staff.  Our featured flavors are Cinnamon Pecan, Espresso Nut, Chocolate Chipotle, Cardamon and a real mint chip ice cream. Plus many more. 
BEER AND WINE Don't come here looking for a flavorless name brand beer.  We serve local Uinta Brewery beers, and a small variety of illegal aliens.  Our wines - Well its not good to take glass on the river so it's a box thing around here, please feel free to bring your own unopened favorite bottle to enjoy with your meal. Remember wine is not readily available for sale in southeastern Utah and we do have a small corking fee. 

One cat live here and occasionally glance into the windows from the outside. She is on the payroll, please don't feed her or take her home.   
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